Monday, November 7, 2011

11 years later...

Bill and I had a great time this past weekend. We went home to Virginia to attend our favorite local event, the best oyster festival ever. So many friends to see, so much good food to eat.

And then an amazing thing happened. A man standing next to us while we waited for the parade to begin, looked at Bill and asked how he might know him. When they discussed where Bill had worked, etc., the man suddenly exclaimed, "My wife is going to want to talk to you!" It seemed she was one of the EMT's who had saved Bill's life in 2000, when he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Bill went to the rescue squad building and chatted with her for a bit, and after the parade, we both went back for a longer visit.

Even though it's 11 years since the event, it still is very raw for me. When I hugged that dear lady, all I could do was break into heaving sobs. She was part of a beautiful gift to my family, and I am SO grateful. SO grateful...


  1. great story, Gail!!!! I LOVE stories of survivorship....and it's aftermath.
    mayor pro-tem: COLONTOWN