Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Breakfast With Santa

On Saturday my Relay For Life team had our annual Breakfast With Santa. This is my favorite fundraiser we do every year. It's so much fun to see the kids in their Christmas clothes, faces all aglow with excitement. We have an excellent Santa who blesses us with his time every year.

I found myself being overwhelmed with joy Saturday as I stirred the hot cocoa and observed the families making Christmas memories. I did, however, find myself having a teary moment as I thought of my friends Roger and John, who will not be with their families this year. Their young ones will be going through the first Christmas without their fathers.

I wiped away my tears and resolved anew to never stop raising money to fight cancer. The work continues...


  1. Please read the comment we wrote to your post in Oct.
    Thank you for reaching out to someone who really could use a friend from the chatboards.
    Blessed be your family and friends in this season.

  2. Read it and will make the contact! Thanks for letting me know.