Saturday, July 30, 2011

Being pampered!

My lovely daughter gifted me with a spa certificate for a detoxifying body wrap. So my Saturday afternoon treat was going to be pampered big time. I didn't really know all the details of the wrap, but I knew it sounded relaxing.

When the spa lady came to get me, she led me back to a room with a table covered in some kind of foil blanket. Then she handed me 2 little packets and told me to strip and put on this paper underwear. Seriously? She warned me that it didn't cover much, and she wasn't kidding. Boy, howdy! It looked like some kind of party favor for a "special" night with my husband. Wow!

I was slathered in a seaweed solution and then wrapped up in the foil and some extra covers, until I looked like some kind of stripper burrito. Then my eyes were covered with soothing eye pads, the lights were turned low, and soothing music was playing. Did I fall asleep? You betcha!

About 20 minutes later, I was led to a shower room, where I used the most delicious smelling shower gel and scrubbing salts. I wanted to stay in there forever! However, the spa lady was waiting for me, so I persuaded myself to dry off and retreat.

The next phase of the process was me in fresh paper undies being massaged and rubbed with a very hydrating lotion.  That felt so good, and my skin is still feeling so soft and moist.Loved it!

After having cancer, I promised myself I would look for enjoyment in life, and it wasn't hard to find on this day. I highly recommend all the spa treatments you can get!


  1. Good to know you could have some pampering..MAN that is a nice daughter you have :)

  2. Yeah, I like her pretty well! *winks*