Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moments of Grace

As I visited my friend Gail in hospice yesterday, her sister and mother told me how she had been able the day before to respond in small ways to family. One son had particularly longed to have her speak with him one more time. Gail opened her eyes a bit and was able to whisper, "I love you," to some family members, and she touched her son on the cheek. Her time here on earth is slipping away, but that young man will treasure that moment forever.

Hearing about that reminded me of my buddy John, who was a vital part of my online support group.When he knew his time had come, he posted a message to us, rejoicing in the fact that he would be able to have one more weekend with his family and perhaps a few more days. John knew he wouldn't be strong enough to participate in family activities after that time, so he cherished the gathering of family around him and made a few more precious memories with his wife and young son.

How often do I get impatient over silly things? I'm so capable of stamping my feet and fussing like crazy if things don't happen just the way I want them to. How much time do I waste in this needless concern?

I know I need to slow it down, see clearly all the beauty around me, hear the lovely words uttered by family, remember the smiles on friends' faces. Time wasted can't be recalled. Letting moments slip away from me is robbing me (and them) of what could be priceless treasures.Here's to a better use of time!

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