Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wear it with pride!

The weather was cool enough this evening, that I told Bill to drive home from choir without me, so I could walk. The exercise is always good for me! I was wearing a Relay For Life shirt, this year's survivor shirt. When I first became a cancer survivor, I felt a little conspicuous wearing the shirts. Now that I'm almost 4 years out, I feel so proud of my status. I stared that BEAST down and told it to take a hike! So whether my shirt has the word "Survivor" on the back in bold letters, "Happy Birthday is a Victory Song," or "There's no such thing as too many birthdays," I wear it proudly. I hope to inspire others to realize that a cancer diagnosis does NOT have to be a death sentence. It can, instead, be a journey that shows a person what she's made of and leads to a keen appreciation of just how sweet life is.

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