Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I Would Have Missed

A couple of days ago, my oldest grandson sent me an email to share some stories he's writing. Owen is 9 now, and it's so fun to get emails from him. I'm saving all of them and plan to print them out and put them in a scrapbook.

While reading the stories, I thought back to earlier days when Owen would endlessly dictate stories to me. My role was to suggest some ideas, although he thought up most of the content, and then we would draw illustrations. That's pretty funny right there, because I have many skills, but drawing is absolutely not one of them. However, I did my best, because I would do anything for my Owen.

The reminiscing took me back to the time when I was diagnosed with my cancer. Right about then was when the stories were a big part of the day when I took care of Owen. I was also caring for little brother Andrew, soon to be 5, but then a 6 month-old baby. If my cancer hadn't been discovered so early, I might not have had the chance to see Owen blossom into the writer of his own stories. I might not have seen Andrew learn to walk and talk and become the funny little character he is. I might not have known Caroline at all. That precious little princess came along about a year and a half after IT came into my life.

Once again I am grateful to still be here...


  1. Okay, I can't figure out how to make the picture of Caroline and me bigger, and I can't delete one of them, so we'll have to count 2 of the same small ones as equal to one big one with the boys. I'll do better next time!

  2. Safe to say I think they are pretty glad to have you around and to know what day is "Nanny's Turn" :)

  3. *smiles* I'll be leaving soon to pick up the princess!