Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I haven't been a very faithful blogger, but I have some perfectly good excuses. The main one is that I have been very busy with Relay For Life preparations the past couple of months. I'm the captain of the team from my church, and I am also on the planning committee for our local Relay. It's the most important volunteer work I do.

This year's Relay was so special and beautiful. We dedicated to our friend, Gail, who passed away exactly 2 months after she spoke at last year's survivor area at Relay. We had a ceremony to honor her, and the committee walked a lap with her family. So much emotion for a much-loved angel.

Gail loved the beach and had "a thing" for pink flamingos, so our theme this year was "Flamingos Flock, Relayers Rock." It was awesome to see how the teams went with the theme. Flamingos were everywhere!!!
I know Gail was smiling down on the event.

And now to catch up on other aspects of life, being thankful every day that I am still alive and able to be busy. And I will continue to Relay, to carry the torch for those who Relay in Heaven now...

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