Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Giving Back

It's been a busy summer for me, and I've been pretty tired the last couple of months. It's good, though, to know that the tired feeling is from doing important work and something that I enjoy (working with the children and youth from my church).

While I've been occupied with events and such, unfortunately too many of my friends have been consumed with worry about their health. And now one of the strongest ladies I know, my dear Kathryn, is in a very tough battle with a recurrence of her cancer. If anyone can beat it, I know she can. She is nearly fearless and totally persistent in her quest for freedom from "The Beast." Right now, though, there are many factors that are conspiring to test her spirit and her strength.

My prayers and my love are with Kathryn and her family. I pray that she will be free of this disease. I know God will answer that prayer, but I don't know His time or His plan. He will take care of her, I know that.

Again the question comes to my mind. Why was I so fortunate to have my cancer found in an early stage? Why am I (so far) still cancer free? I don't know the why. I just know that because of this great gift, it is my task to give back, and I will do that...


  1. I love this, Gail!!!
    You know that we all know that reaching out for others helps us!!!
    Actually, it helps everyone!!!
    love to you,