Sunday, June 26, 2011

Camping With the Boys

What a fun weekend! Bill and I took our two precious grandsons, 8 and 4, on their first tent camping experience. We only did one night this time, because we weren't sure how it would go over. We all LOVED it, so I suppose we will be purchasing a tent and going for longer stays (we borrowed a tent from friends this time). Owen and Andrew were particularly fond of helping to start our campfires, and we all enjoyed our pancake breakfast cooked in the cast iron skillet over the fire.

Being in the beautiful outdoors and cuddling in the tent with my boys, I reflected again on the joy that can be found in life. After an experience like cancer, it is tempting to think that life will never be the same again...and it won't. The exquisite joy of being alive adds extra flavor to everything!

The pictures we took will be a lasting reminder of the fun we had, and my heart will always be full when I think back on the laughter and good times.


  1. Those are some pretty cute grandsons...of course I am biased because they are mine. I know for a fact they had a wonderful time (yes the fire does seem to be #1 on their list) and are looking forward to the next trip they get to take.

  2. Andrew told me today that he wants to go for 5 days next time! We'll see! *L*

    Love always,

  3. Dear Tootsie, thank you for letting us know at CSN that you have a blog and for sharing it. You always have such a serene presence when you post there.

    Don't for a minute beleive that no one notices when you don't post much. We do.

    I find that I don't post as much myself.

    You are not only a survivor, you are a very special lady to all who have had the pleasure of knowing you.


    Marie (aka loveskitties on CSN)

  4. You're so precious! Thanks!!!