Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Corn Husk Dolls!

Okay, this one is technically not about cancer. Not totally, anyway.

I've been helping with Vacation Bible School at my grandchildren's church this week, and my assignment was to assist in making corn husk dolls. I was a tad nervous when told about that, but I figured I'd be crafty enough to make a go of it.

They are so stinking cute!  I love making those dolls! Tonight I experimented with making one into an angel, because I'm thinking they would make cute Christmas ornaments. I was fairly pleased with the results, but I know if I do decide to make them as Christmas gifts, I will go to Hobby Lobby and make sure to get the cutest elements to make them totally adorable.

Here's the cancer portion of the story: since I had my little trip down cancer lane, I've made a real effort to find things that make me joyous  and allow myself to be fully immersed in them. Crafts are relaxing for me, until I get to the point where the items are finished and looking very cute. That's where the jumping and getting excited appears! My advice to anyone with cancer or any serious illness would be to find the fun in each day. Indulge yourself in what makes you feel good about yourself!

I have to sign off now, because I want to go look at my angel again. *grins*


  1. Have to say it looks even cuter in person.

  2. Thanks! I think so, too. I was tired when I did the glitter, so I need to go back and even that up.