Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Last night was a very bad one for me. Earlier I had fun with the corn husk angel (see previous post), but later in the evening I had a terrible bout with the pain that has plagued me since my colon resection in Nov. 2007.  I've had IBS for a long time, so I'm no stranger to abdominal pain, but this is a whole new animal. When that pain grips me, all I want is to either pass out or be so drugged up I can't feel anything.

I do have Hydrocodone to take when it gets that bad, and last night was one of those nights. As I rolled and screamed, "Help me," I think Bill felt helpless to know what to do. He thought I was begging him for assistance, but I was really crying out to God.

Perhaps one day the doctors will find a way to keep this from happening. Until then, it's a very painful reminder that I'm eligible to wear the Relay For Life shirt labeled "Survivor."

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